Hope Academy / Haven of Hope, Jos, Nigeria
Master Plan and School

The Haven of Hope Centre was established in 2002 by Ireland Outreach about 25 km east of Jos, Nigeria. The Hope Academy is an arm of the Haven of Hope Centre, with 380 pre-school through secondary students. Other ministries provided through the Haven of Hope Centre include a Bible School, Medical Clinic and Water Facility which purifies and bottles water for the community.

The Academy grew out of a clear need for quality Christian education with sound academic tutelage and uncompromising Christian standards. The Academy seeks to input sincere hope which God offers to every believer – hope of a fulfilling life here and eternal life with Christ afterwards, which can be gotten only by making Christ the Lord and Saviour over one’s life. This is the kind of atmosphere in which students are nurtured, with the best of qualified Christian teachers/trainers.
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Project Scope
Haven of Hope has requested an EMI team to provide a survey and a Master Plan design of the 50 acre campus to guide expansion of the Academy and Clinic, additional Staff Housing, Water Purification Facility expansion, Fish Production facility and infrastructure development. The team will also provide conceptual building designs for new Academy buildings including a Classroom building and Multipurpose building.

Due to the security situation in Nigeria and travel warnings in effect for Plateau State, the team will have armed guards accompanying them throughout the project trip. Team members must be willing to travel in this type of setting.

The Haven of Hope is truly providing hope to their community in Nigeria. Are you called by God to use your design skills to assist them?

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Team Needs

Architect / Planner – to prepare the master plan for the 50 acre site to include expansion of staff housing, school facilities and health care buildings.

Architects – to prepare conceptual designs of classroom and multipurpose school buildings.

Civil Engineers – for waste water system design.

Structural Engineers – to provide preliminary structural framing plans and member sizes for two-story concrete building.

Geotechnical Engineer – to evaluate a proposed dam site in a ravine on the property and make recommendations for dam development for irrigation and aquaculture purposes.

Electrical Engineer – to evaluate site power needs and design power generation system.

Surveyor – to provide a map of the 50 acre site showing property corners, existing buildings, significant features and topography.


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