Housing Compound Master Plan, Nairobi, Kenya
Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF)

Project Scope
MAF has been operating in Africa since 1950 and in Kenya since 1959. Their mission is to fly spiritual care and physical help to people in need in remote places.

MAF Kenya seeks to establish a new home for its international staff. Staff housing is currently located in the center of Nairobi and the site suffers from noise pollution, vehicle exhaust pollution and an increasing vulnerability to attacks and intrusion. For these reasons, as well as to realize the asset that their old site has become, they wish to build a new home for their organization. With better quality of homes, and with a better and safer environment to live in, they believe that MAF Kenya can continue to serve the unreached poor for decades to come.

We will design two or three options of house design to provide flexibility. We will also design facilities on the site for meetings (inside and out), prayer space, a communal worship and / or meeting area, and storage areas. MAF needs housing to be designed in a linear fashion so that homes can be used by MAF or rented to other missions as their need increases or decreases. They need space which is secure, well landscaped and within easy reach of their hangar and office at Wilson Airport.

Volunteer Resources

Team Needs

Architects – to prepare conceptual designs of various housing facilities

Landscape Architect – to prepare the master plan for a 6 acre site to include staff housing, community facilities, and service buildings

Civil Engineer – for water distribution, storm water management and waste water system design

Electrical Engineer – to evaluate site power needs and design power generation system


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