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Beulah Juvenile Foundation Master Plan, Rustenburg, South Africa

Beulah Juvenile Foundation is a newly established ministry that focuses on providing juveniles, recently released from prison/courts, with vocational and life skills training to empower them to reconnect into their community in a positive, self-sustaining manner with newfound faith in Christ. All of the juveniles originate from rural/disadvantaged communities, therefore survival skills are imperative. Most families in the surrounding communities represent laborers in the local mines. Beulah currently has success collaborating between public support agencies, local businesses and material suppliers, and neighboring community ministries.
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Project Scope
EMI has been asked to master plan their new 21 hectare (50+ acre) site outside of Johannesburg to integrate their long-term operational strategy with various programs, including on-site housing, rehabilitation, vocational training and early child-development centers, and future elements. The team will be evaluating existing infrastructure, while making projections and founded recommendations for improvements. Conceptual design of initial structures will be approached.

Consider engaging your heart and talent with this Christ-honoring ministry having a tremendous impact among displaced juveniles growing in their faith. 

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Team Needs

Architect – Conceptual Design of the initial stage buildings

Junior Architect – Assist the senior architect in design and graphics

Civil Engineer – Analysis and design of systems for water supply/distribution, waste water and surface storm water/drainage

Electrical Engineer – Analysis and design of current power and distribution systems, including solar development

Surveyor – Boundary and topographic survey of 50+ acres

Agricultural Engineer – Investigation and design for land use and crop utilization


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