Christian Dental College – Ludhiana, India

The Christian Medical College (CMC) Ludhiana has been providing medical education and training in northwest India for more than a century. In addition to their referral hospital offering services to a large surrounding region, there are 5 colleges (Medical, Dental, Nursing, Physiotherapy and Institute of Allied Health Sciences). Their (abbreviated) mission: “The Christian Medical College Ludhiana Society seeks to contribute to the real health needs of India by training spiritually alive, compassionate Christian young men and women with professional healthcare competence, and modeling a commitment to serve the unreached and marginalized, in the Spirit of Christ.” In total there are nearly 1500 students, and 3500 staff. CMC is a fairly prestigious institution and is highly regarded by the state (Punjab) and local (Ludhiana) governments. Within the Dental College alone, a percentage of the students are training toward assignment with mission hospitals throughout India following graduation.
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EMI has been invited to partner with the Dental College to accommodate current standards for accreditation along with expansion of 3 new postgraduate programs. In addition to documenting existing conditions, we anticipate offering a feasibility study for several buildings on their campus, considering the viability of rehabilitation, further refining required spatial programming and developing phased schemes for consideration by the CDC administration.

EMI has been asked to master plan the remainder of the reconstruction and expansion efforts on campus, including designing their replacement structure(s) and infrastructure improvements.

Consider engaging your heart and talent with this Christ-honoring ministry having a tremendous impact among the poor and displaced.

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Team Needs

Health Care (or Institutional) Master Planner / Architect – Site master planning, programming

Architect – Programming and renovation

Civil Engineer – Analysis and design of systems for water and waste water supply/distribution, surface storm water/drainage

Electrical Engineer – Analysis and design of current power and distribution systems

Structural Engineer – Assessment, analysis and evaluation for potential renovation of 100+ year old unreinforced masonry structures in a high seismic zone


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