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6-9 Hours Per Week; minimum 1 year commitment
This opportunity is an unpaid, volunteer position.
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EMI Canada is seeking a volunteer/associate staff member to fill the position of Intern Coordinator for a minimum 1-year commitment. This position will require availability on at least three weekdays for 2-3 hours each day, with possibility of extended hours in short, busy seasons.

Consideration may be given to a volunteer located within Canada, outside the Calgary area.

The EMI Canada Internship Program mobilizes, hosts, and supports post-secondary Canadian students and recent graduates in the fields of engineering, architecture, and construction-related tech for involvement in the work of EMI.

EMI Canada interns serve in EMI's Calgary office or are mobilized to one of eight other EMI offices (USA, Nicaragua, ME/NA, Uganda, Senegal, South Africa, India, Cambodia, Mexico) for a four- to six-month term.

EMI interns support EMI projects with research, report-writing, and BIM/CAD production under the supervision and mentorship of an EMI design professional. EMI's multi-disciplinary work environment provides interns with a wide breadth of professional experience. The intern also receives spiritual mentoring throughout their term.


The Intern Coordinator has the following skills:

  • A demonstrated ability to work well with others and contribute positively in a team environment
  • A self-motivated and pro-active approach to tasks
  • Strong attention to detail with ability to prioritize and organize workload
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Ability to manage basic financial functions such as basic budget development and record keeping
  • At least a moderate level of comfort and capacity using and learning technology including Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook; CRM databases (Civi); accounting software (QuickBooks); and videoconferencing (Zoom)
  • Ability to understand and help interns navigate the rigors of post-secondary school schedule and stresses

The Intern Coordinator exhibits the following characteristics:

  • A mature individual with a heart and passion to mentor and serve young adults
  • Agreement with and adherence to EMI Canada’s Statement of Faith and Code of Conduct

The Intern Coordinator must:

  • Have access to own up-to-date computer, high-speed internet access, and mobile phone.
  • Undergo a Criminal Record Check before being approved for duty

This opportunity is either a volunteer (no remuneration) position. However, EMI Canada will provide reimbursement for a pre-set list of approved expenses, including required software licenses. There may be opportunity for expense-covered travel to mission conferences or universities for intern recruitment. There may also be an opportunity for involvement, at a reduced cost, on an overseas EMI project team in the future.


The Intern Coordinator is EMI Canada’s key point of contact for Canadian interns mobilized to other EMI offices, and expat interns hosted at EMI Canada; and corresponds with Intern Coordinators from other EMI offices. They manage the EMI Canada intern program by on-boarding new interns, supporting current interns, debriefing outgoing interns, and setting overall program direction. The Intern Coordinator will often delegate tasks to EMI staff members (finances, HR, etc.), but they are the main driver and point of contact for the program.

On-boarding tasks include reviewing intern applications, conducting interviews, and evaluating prospective intern’s suitability for the EMI Internship Program.

For interns serving in other EMI offices, the Intern Coordinator reviews budgets, coordinates travel, books insurance, and confirms dates and logistics with Intern Coordinators in the “Assignment Office”.

For interns serving in the EMI Canada office, the Intern Coordinator creates and manages their budget, coordinates the orientation process, arranges housing, and assigns computers and workspaces. During an intern’s term, the Intern Coordinator provides support for interns and activates EMI Canada member care resources as needed.

After an intern’s term, the Intern Coordinator debriefs interns, which includes conducting exit interviews and closing out financial accounts.

The Intern Coordinator also contributes to local and global internship program policy discussions and meets regularly with the EMI Global Intern Director.