Continuing Education
As a benefit to the design professionals who travel on project trips, EMI provides the opportunity for continuing education credit hours for US citizens. All overseas projects longer than a week, led by a project leader qualifies for the full 18 CE credit hours.

Available to Whom
  • EMI is approved by the AIA and has the privilege to offer Continuing Education Credit Hours to all Architects who want to partner with EMI in furthering their education.
  • EMI is excited to also offer all Engineers and Surveyors in the US* Continuing Education Credit Hours.
* EMI is not currently registered with Florida, Louisiana, and North Carolina.

How to apply for CE Credit Hours
If you would like to apply for Continuing Education Credit Hours please follow the following steps.

  1. Request to volunteer on a specific EMI Project Trip with the Project Leader
  2. Once approved for an EMI Project Trip, fill out the Continuing Education Request Form
  3. Send Request Form to Project Leader prior to trip
  4. Pay/Costs
    • In order for EMI to offer Continuing Education Credits to volunteers, you must pay a separate $200 fee from your Project Trip cost, whether or not you are raising support.
    • Pay now by following this link, select your project number and include "Continuing Education" in the Other Category text box."
    Post- Trip:
  5. Complete work for Project Trip
    • In order to receive the Continuing Education Credit Hours you applied for, you must finish the designated work within the timeline given by your project leader.
  6. Get approved by Project Leader
    • After you have turned in your design work and written reports, follow up to make sure all your work from the Project Trip is completed and approved.
  7. Request Certificate of Completion and Credits
    • While it is the Project Leader's responsibility to log the work you have completed, please request a Certificate of Completion.
      • Certificate of Completion will be mailed to you within six weeks of this request.
  8. If you're an Architect – Request AIA hours credit hours
    • If you are an Architect requesting AIA hours; request from your Project Leader your AIA credit hours and ensure that they are logged. Confirm on your AIA profile that the credits have been added to your account.
Thank you for your partnerships with Engineering Ministries International as we design a world of hope.
Traveling on an EMI trip is a remarkable way to expand your technical knowledge while serving those in need.

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