Frequently Asked Questions
We strive to make the process of mobilizing design professionals into ministry through EMI as simple as possible. Hopefully you will find this tool useful as you investigate who we are and how to get involved. If you have a question that is not addressed in this FAQ please feel free to Contact Us.

Below is a list of commonly asked questions about EMI broken down by general topics. Feel free to use our FAQ page to help answer a specific question you may have or to just learn more about EMI through this question and answer method. We hope to have you join us on a trip soon.

What is EMI?
Why should I join an EMI team?
Can I meet with someone to talk about EMI?
How can I join the mailing list?
How do I join a list of future potential volunteers?
What is EMI's criteria to design a project?
Who pays for and builds the projects?
Do the projects actually get built?
What is an EMI Rep?

Projects – General Information
What steps do I need to take to join a project trip?
What is the typical trip like?
Do I need to bring any special equipment?
Does anyone ever get sick while on an EMI trip?
What is EMI's policy on vaccines?
Do you have to learn a foreign language?
Can I bring my spouse on an EMI trip?
What is expected of me after the trip?
Can I earn Continuing Education Credit Hours through EMI?

Projects – Financial Information
How does a volunteer pay for the trip?
Is much cash on hand needed on EMI trips?
Are there opportunities to exchange money in the country or does everything need to be taken care of before heading out?
I don't have the funds to travel abroad. Can I still serve with EMI?

Projects – Travel Information
When does everyone usually meet up to get to the destination?
How are travel arrangements made?
Will I need to acquire a visitor's visa on my own?
Can I stay for a longer time in country or do my own sightseeing while there or enroute?
Can I use my airline miles for an EMI trip?
When does EMI cancel a trip for safety reason?

Projects – Christian questions
Can a Christian of any denomination be a part of the team?
Can non-Christians go on an EMI trip?
Does EMI share their faith on trips?

Design questions
How can my expertise help on an EMI team?
Do I need to be licensed to volunteer?
On an EMI Project, what level of liability will my design have?
How technical does EMI get in their design?

Internship Questions
Finances / Support Raising
Technical Work / Projects
What are the different offices like?

Other Volunteer / Career Questions
Can I volunteer with EMI from home?
As a High School Student can I help serve?
As I choose a college degree, which discipline do you think would be beneficial to assist with the international poverty needs?
I'm just entering the business world and I'd like to do EMI or something similar in the future. What field should I pursue?
I don't currently have a job, can I work for EMI?
Explore career opportunities with other organizations