Important message about the COVID-19 Coronavirus

In an effort to care for all of our personnel, families, and mission around the world, EMI has been taking a number of steps in response to the progress of COVID-19.

Location-specific Crisis Management Teams are now in place to monitor COVID developments, inform, and care for EMI personnel. All official EMI travel (including project travel) has been cancelled or postponed and no new travel plans are being prepared until further notice. EMI’s worldwide offices are in varying states of closure with personnel working remotely or from home as they are able.

We continue to actively monitor the situation and will respond to new information affecting our worldwide ministry and teams. We view the COVID-19 Coronavirus an opportunity to live out the gospel and our faith in Jesus through the ministry of EMI.

EMI is excited to offer two- to three-year early career development programme for young design professionals. We’re calling it the EMI Fellowship. Through the Fellowship, EMI will disciple and develop young engineers and architects in a deeper and more comprehensive way than internships allow. We aim to raise up the next generation of Christian design professionals to be professionally competent and spiritually mature that they may be influencers in the Church and in the design profession worldwide.


"God has answered my prayers, passions, and uncertainties through this Fellowship opportunity at EMI. In 2017, I joined as an intern but I felt that God was calling me to continue serving through EMI. I am so thankful—I didn’t realize I was praying for an EMI Fellowship until it materialized."
—Rachel Su, Civil Engineering Fellow, EMI Canada


Fellows will complete a thoughtful spiritual formation program that will grow them as lifelong followers of Jesus. At the same time, they will gain significant professional experience, training, and competence to advance them toward their professional goals. Each fellow will serve in at least two EMI locations, allowing them to gain valuable cross-cultural experience and bring their own diversity of ideas across EMI’s worldwide teams.


"As a young professional, spiritual and professional mentoring in the context of engineering as mission is preparing me to serve the Lord. I have always felt called to water quality in the context of international development. I never knew how I could get there, but God has blessed me with this opportunity at EMI."
—Natalie Thompson, Civil Engineering Fellow, EMI USA


The Fellowship fills in a number of gaps within the program and ministry of EMI all while promoting our core values of Design, Discipleship, and Diversity. 

In many of our teams, EMI has a significant experience gap between interns and long-term staff. Fellows will help bridge that gap by providing increased production capacity, mid-level support to our staff, and deeper engagement in our projects—all while they are learning and growing professionally.

The Fellowship fills a recruiting gap for EMI by providing a continued path of involvement for young professionals who want to pursue long-term EMI staff, yet need additional training to take on leadership roles. The Fellowship also deepens EMI’s spiritual impact by launching spiritually mature kingdom & mission-minded young professionals into the design industry.

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