Intern Program

The Adventure of a Lifetime...
Internships in Engineering and Architecture

Have you spent minutes or even hours sitting in your theory of architecture or thermodynamics class wondering how this all applies to your life as a Christian? I can relate! I too felt challenged, even called, to something "more" than just technical. I wasn't satisfied with just working in a "design job" right out of college. God continued to tug at my heart, and the path soon became clear. I was on my way to an internship with EMI.

An EMI internship will practically show you how your faith, education and skills combine to effectively serve the body of Christ worldwide. My life was forever changed through my internship. So much so, that I found myself preparing to go back to EMI 5 years later.

Are you willing and do you have the desire to lay your gifts, talents, and skills before the Lord in service with EMI? Do you desire to continue your faith walk with God in a unique way?

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Molly Mitchell
Intern Program Manager

(719) 633-2078 x112