A Day at EMI
A Day in the Life...of an EMI Intern

Interns spend their days working and serving with EMI. You may wake up in the home of a host family or next to your fellow interns. Your commute could be as simple as walking next door, a 10 minute hike, or riding a bus to get to work.

Although each office looks different and the surroundings vary, EMI opens every day in prayer. Each office starts the day praying for personal needs, projects and other offices around the world. This is a wonderful time to dedicate your work to the Lord each day. After this time of prayer, each office gets to work. The tasks of an intern vary from architectural or engineering design to AutoCAD drafting and report writing. You may even find yourself making copies or binding reports.

There are others who wake up while it is still dark and begin their journey to the construction site. The day is full of trying to communicate with nationals to insure that the project is built as designed. You may even have the opportunity to help with construction.

All of our interns, regardless of location, are involved in various ministry activities. You could be serving meals in a soup kitchen, walking to local villages to help in a medical clinic or simply playing with local children. Our interns also participate in a bible study in their office and are also assigned mentor to help encourage their spiritual growth. Regardless of what form this mentoring takes, our interns have the privilege of building lasting relationship with EMI staff.

The focus of an internship with EMI is equal parts growing professionally as an engineer or architect and growing spiritually towards a more intimate relationship with Christ.