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EMI MENA is looking for a person with business management experience in the design/construction industry to help the existing office to thrive and enable the office’s impact in the region to grow. EMI MENA established a design consulting firm in 2010 to serve the Middle East / North Africa region.  The office is committed to serving Christian ministries through its design services, while also being a witness in an area not open to traditional ministry avenues. One of the challenges of this dynamic is maintaining and growing the consulting firm from which it operates as a legitimate and sustainable design office.

The business manager would have a unique role in helping to implement the vision of the office, both in terms of project development and in integrating discipleship into office activities. They would also assist in strategic planning and networking with local designers and firms for future partnerships and working relationships. They would not only be a manager, but also a disciple of Christ who God has called into EMI's ministry. They would share their talents and experience with others, and lead others in doing design work as the disciples of Jesus.

This opportunity is a support-based, self-fund-raised position.

EMI MENA sits amongst some of the least reached people groups in the world. Join our team to serve others by combining your profession with your heart for the nations!


In addition to the typical EMI Staff / Associate Staff prerequisites, candidates for this position must have:

  • Willingness to relocate to the MENA office location for a minimum duration of three years
  • 5+ years of relevant business managementwork experience in the design field
  • Demonstrated leadership experience.

The following are essential responsibilities for this position:

  • Spiritual and professional discipleship through EMI’s programmes and opportunities.
  • Assist current office director in following areas:
  • Strategic planning: short- and long-term office goals; work towards the creation of a local governing board; networking with local design professionals to build relationships and partnerships
  • Implementing vision of organization: reviewing office activities; participating in Global Office Development initiatives
  • Legal Review: ensuring the business is in compliance with local laws and regulations
  • Human Resources: coordinate recruitment; prepare and review policy manual.