EMI Mexico
2 to 3 Years
This opportunity is a hybrid, part-support-based and part-stipend-based position.
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The new EMI Mexico office is launching and officially starting operations in January 2022  with a vision to serve the Latin American church, reach diverse comunities and impact a growing design profesional sector. Thus, the need for a dedicated, quailified person to take the roll of communicating the EMI vision to the latin context is great!

This profesional would help the EMI offices in latinamerica to really make an impact in the different sectors we whitness to. We need someone to help us envision how we can use current organizational material, resources, social platforms, networks, etc. where we can present EMI in a cohesive and inspiring way to the world and specifically focus our attention to the spanish speaking constituency. 


In addition to the typical EMI Staff prerequisites, candidates for this position must have

  • Relevant experience in marketing, storytelling, brand communicating
  • Ability to travel for varied periods of time (1- 4 weeks)
  • Willingness to relocate to Ensenada, Mexico.
  • Advanced knowledge in Spanish and English language
  • Relevant capacity in videography, photography and editing software. 

The following are essential responsibilities for this position:

  • Spiritual and professional discipleship through EMI’s programmes and opportunities.
  • Review, translate and adapt the ongoing flow of EMI material on our website and other media.
  • Plan and execute storytelling projects for EMI Mexico and EMI Nicaragua 
  • Provide general support/feedback to the design teams in translation, videography and photography.
  • Set up standards, plans and programs in the area of communications for EMI in Latin America.