Project Trip Overview
EMI Trips in a Nutshell
A typical EMI trip looks a little like this...

The team leader will send a packet of information about the trip before we leave. It has information on what to expect and project information. EMI teams are unique in that most of the volunteers and team leaders meet in an airport on route to the country they are serving.

The trip usually begins with opening time – a time for the volunteers to get to know each other and share how God came into their life and brought them to EMI. The EMI experience is a mixture of using our design skills to help the poor and experiencing God through group studies and fellow team members.

The time spent in-country is critical to understand the vision of the ministry and to gather all of the site information. We are unable go back and get pieces of information that were left behind, so during this time we document the site and gather all of the program information from the minstry. With the use of laptop computers we are now able to accomplish quite a bit of work on site. The architects work with the minstry to develop a program for master planning and building design. We meet with the minstry a few times during the week to make sure the design is going in a direction that they are comfortable with. By the end of the week we have a presentation of the final design for the ministry and others that they choose to invite. The surveyor will do all of their site measurements to create a topo survey before we leave the site. The engineers are gathering information on current water / wastewater systems so we are able to advise the ministry on how to improve systems in place and what should be used for new buildings. By the end of the week the engineers need to have an understanding of how we are going to structure the building and the other systems that need to be used. The goal is to complete as much work while on site as possible. It becomes difficult on the volunteers if too much work is brought home with them. But it is almost impossible to complete everything while in-country.

At the end of the week we have a closing time…similar to the opening meeting. This is a time that the team will share what God has done in their life during this time. A time to debrief and think about returning home.

When we return the volunteers will continue to work on their portion of the report and drawings until the package is complete. EMI will then send copies of the final report to the volunteers and the minstry.

Typical Items to Finish In-Country
  • Topo Map
  • Architectural Floor Plan – Sketch Only
  • Architectural Master Plan – Sketch Only
  • Architectural Elevation – Sketch Only
  • Water Daily Demand
  • Water Storage Method and Amount Required
  • Anticipated Sewer Load
  • Percolation Test
  • Septic Tank Size
  • Septic Disposal System Schematic
  • Type of Structural Building Materials to be used
  • List of Anticipated Drawings