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Project Profile
Zambia (Ndola)
International Christian Chamber of Commerce’s Royal Poultry Centre
Site MasterPlan and first phase Royal Poultry Centre
October 12-25, 2006

eMi Project 5414

Original Project Scope
International Christian Chamber of Commerce - Zambia (ICCC-Z) is part of a global movement of Christian entrepreneurs. The organization entered Zambia in 1994 as a response to the declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation with a vision of accelerating transformation of its market place along kingdom lines. In this process, ICCC-Z means to contribute to poverty alleviation as an act of witness. In breaking a dependency syndrome, it seeks to draw people to use what they have and know to break out of their poverty.

One initiative created by ICCC-Z is the establishment of the Royal Poultry Company (RPC). The focus of the company is to offer small scale grain and poultry farmers assured markets as well as technical capacity to produce export quality products. Micro-entrepreneurs will also be contracted to supply accessories and support services. An employment agency will be created for adult street kids by a sister ministry to supply the company with contract labor.

RPC aims to create opportunities for meaningful and rewarding work for a large variety of people. As this business becomes established, it will increase the availability and quantity of nutritional, affordable food for low income families. A portion of RPC profits will be designated to establish a national church growth fund.

The current project for RPC is to create a local headquarters (The Royal Poultry Centre) around which a regional poultry industry will grow. Once all phases on the project site are complete, RPC will be able to operate a poultry processing plant, organize 150 small scale farmers to rear poultry for it, help to create 50 plus micro business retailers of live poultry meats in townships and establish at least 400 small scale grain farmers for stock feeds production. The phasing of the facilities on the project site will be 1) the Royal Poultry Centre and 2) the Poultry Processing Plant and Bio-mass Fertilizer Blending Plants.

The eMi project team will establish an overall site Master Plan, design the Royal Poultry Centre, create the groundwork for remaining construction phases and seek to establish the design of this site and its buildings as a replicable model for future development in other regions of Zambia. Come and join our team as we meet the physical as well as spiritual needs of the people of Zambia!

Project Team
Greg Young – eMi C Team Leader
Rodney Beadle - Civil Engineer
Matt Good - Electrical Engineers
Biruk Woldeyohannes - Electrical Engineers
James Yong - Project Management Consultant
Joel Blaine - Graduate Mechanical Engineer
Johnny Au - eMi Intern, Environmental Engineer
Surveyor - a Zambian surveyor will be joining our team

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