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Project Profile
Kenya (Nairobi)
International Prayer Center
Dove Christian Fellowship Africa
Early June 2007
eMi Project 5427

Photos and Documents
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Original Project Scope
Dove Christian Fellowship International (DCFI) is a cell-based church planting movement. The vision of DOVE in Africa is “To build a relationship with Jesus Christ, with one another, and to reach the world: house to house, village to village, city to city, and nation to nation.”

The leaders of Dove Africa believe that God is calling for an altar of prayer to be raised up in Kenya (and Africa). This will be a place to support 24 hour a day prayer for the nations of Africa and the world. They see this as being a key factor in bringing spiritual victory, freedom, and breakthrough.

In addition to the prayer center, the facility would house the offices of the various ministries of DOVE Africa, a leadership training center, and a church meeting facility. Some of their ongoing ministries are micro-financing to give small business loans to help lift people out of poverty and leadership training related to dealing with HIV-AIDS.

This is yet another project with a big vision and a small site – 1.3 acres in town. The eMi team will need to creatively study how to best master plan and build out the site with the whole program. Come lend your creative, problem-solving minds and hearts to this faith venture that begins and ends in prayer!

Bob Smith

African street outside of Nairobi