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Project Profile
Philippines (Sampaloc)
Rehoboth Children's Home Expansion
Asian Hope Missionary Outreach
Sacred Portion Children's Outreach

EMI Project 5435

September 26 - October 6, 2007

Original Project Scope
Begun in 1997, the Rehoboth Children's home currently cares for 24 children, and has provided a safe and loving environment for over 60 orphaned and abandoned children over the last decade. Their greatest difficulty is turning away referrals because of lack of space.

A newly acquired 2.2 hectare property is located across the road from the present location of Rehoboth Children's home. The new expansion project will include a home for babies, Christian worker housing, and a medical clinic. The complete master plan will need to include agricultural development, a future shelter for battered women and their children and facilities for vocational training, as well as a street front planned to create spaces for rent to local businesses as a means of support for the ministry.

The long-term vision for this site is to build additional facilities that will support the people in the community of Sampaloc. By providing access to medical care, education, vocational training and employment opportunities, they will be able to adequately care for their children. Another long term goal is to build Christain worker housing to accommodate work teams, medical team, and other volunteers.

They have stated in their request for our help that "the involvement of others in this ministry is vital." Won't you come and lend your unique skills and abilities to help develop a ministry serving an entire community?

Gary MacPhee
Kevin Wiens
Children in Indonesia