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Project Profile
Uganda (Mbale)
Primary School and Community Clinic
Bushikori Christian Centre
EMI Project 5438
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September 22 - October 6, 2007

Project Update (12/15/08)
Less than eight months since EMI submitted complete drawings to the Bushikori Christian Centre, additional classrooms have been built, the library is complete, progress has been started on a site-wide sanitation program, and fundraising is in progress for the health centre addition. Praise God! The ministry also has a website:

Update Photos
Newly Built Library
The EMI team and friends
Laura and Heather measuring the existing clinic.
EMI-designed primary school classrooms under construction (foundation)
Constructed Classroom pic1
Constructed Classroom pic2
Classroom Drawing

Original Project Scope
Bushikori Christian Centre has served a community just south of Mbale, Uganda in the name of Christ for the past 27 years. The organization started as a small operation which distributed porridge to displaced children and orphans who were seeking refuge from the country's violence, but it soon grew. They started with only 60 orphans and now they support almost 400 children with school fees, academic supplies, rent money (when necessary), medical treatment, and essential items for their overall welfare, such as food and clothing. They also provide low-cost primary healthcare to 28,000 members of the needy local community. This includes including inpatient and outpatient facilities, laboratory services, maternity, antenatal, and family planning services, as well as regular vaccinations outreaches.

They are running out of classrooms and facility space for their clinic. They need two more classrooms, a sanitary outhouse for patients (who currently have to use a wooded area behind the clinic for their toilet), accommodations for a night nurse, additional inpatient ward space, and, eventually, boarding facilities for the primary school. They have asked EMI to help with the master plan for the 5-acre lot and conceptual designs for each additional near-term facility.

Do you have a heart for using your design skills to serve the poorest of the poor? If so, this ministry could really use your skills to help see the vision God has given them become reality!

Project Team
Scott Powell - Civil Engineer, EMI Team Leader
Laura Powell - EMI Team Co-Leader
Steve Hoyt - EMI Architect, Construction Manager
Heather Martelle - EMI Intern
Michael Ng - EMI Intern
Lennell Perry - EMI Intern
Scott Bradshaw - Civil Engineer
Clifton Stark - Surveyor
Danny Sze - Architect
An EMI Volunteer with children in Kenya