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Project Profile
Rwanda (Musansi)
Technical University of Rwanda
EMI Project 5464

Late May, early June 2008

Original Project Scope
Currently, the Anglican Church runs Sonrise School whose students have the highest scores in the nation on the national exam for elementary education and middle school education. They will graduate their first full class in 2010 and they need a Christian University, committed to excellence in every field, to which these students can be sent.

The Anglican Church of Rwanda knows that it is called to develop the best Technical University in east Africa. The University will focus on Construction Sciences, Business and Health Care. The President of Rwanda has given to Bishop John (a leader among the Anglican Church in Rwanda and across the world) a 20 acre site two hours north of Kigali. They will need the understanding and expertise of eMi to master plan the site.

Join us as we help Rwanda restore their country and create a new and hopeful future for its next generation!

Project Team
Glen Woodruff - EMI Team Leader
The Great Lakes region of Northern Rwanda