EMI's Rep Program
Network. Encourage. Mobilize.
Does it excite you to tell other design professionals about EMI? Have you traveled with EMI and are you a current member of the EMI Network?

If so, we could use your help in promoting EMI to the Christian design community. We are seeking EMI volunteer veterans with a passion for getting others involved. We want more Reps to help represent EMI throughout each state of the US and beyond.

Become an EMI Rep
By being an EMI Rep, EMI will post your information on the EMI Rep webpage as a resource so design professionals looking to learn more about EMI can contact you. It would be great if you could meet with them and share some stories of what God has done in you through your experience with EMI. As an EMI Network partner and as a trip veteran you are someone EMI respects and trusts to represent EMI to those design professionals who are trying to find a way to connect with what God is doing around the world.

Would you be willing to serve EMI and the Christian design professionals in this way for your region?

To sign up, email and let us know. We will ask for the information we need.

EMI Representative (Rep) Description

Vision - The vision of the Rep Program is to:
  1. Empower more design professionals (DPs) into greater involvement in the advancement of God's kingdom through EMI.
  2. To enhance their spiritual walk by using their gifts and talents to serve the spiritually and physically poor.

  1. An EMI trip veteran and EMI Network partner.
  2. Recommended by an EMI Project Leader.

  1. To be posted on EMI's website as a resource for DPs who want to contact and potentially meet with you, so you can explain EMI and tell about your experiences with us.
  2. Network with the design professional community and encourage design professionals through the process of:
    • introducing EMI
    • traveling on an EMI trip
    • recommending further involvement with EMI

Optional further involvement
  1. Fellowship Meeting- Start reoccurring fellowship meetings in your region where DPs can hear EMI trip updates, network, and pray for each other.
  2. Present- Speak to your church and business about EMI and how DPs can get involved.
  3. Expos- Attend a booth at a professional Expo on behalf of EMI.
  4. Recruit a Team- Form a full or partial team of volunteers to travel on an EMI trip together.
  5. Pray- Pray for EMI and specifically those design professionals in your region that are traveling or considering getting involved in EMI.
  6. Media- Use professional magazines, newspapers, news stations, internet, LinkedIn, and/or Facebook to tell the stories of EMI's impact and spread the news.
  7. Disaster Response Team- You can help EMI on the front lines of a serving the poor after a disaster. Find out more about the DR program or click here to fill out the application.