Catherine Wilson

EMI Canada
Joined EMI: September 2017
Birthplace: Somerset West, South Africa
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Professional Training & Experience

Cat became a professional civil engineer in May 2018.  Her work experience includes three years of quality assurance on the re-decking on the Macdonald suspension bridge in Halifax, Canada as well as concrete and steel structural design for residential and institutional buildings as a consultant in South Africa.

As a volunteer, Cat helped launch the EMI South Africa office early in 2018.  Participating in an EMI trip to Angola for two hospital expansion projects, she was inspired by the obedience and dedication of the missionaries serving there.  The experience reaffirmed and challenged her to live out the reason why she became an engineer: to serve communities practically.

Cat completed two bachelor's degrees at the University of New Brunswick: BPhil Interdisciplinary Leadership and BSc E in Civil Engineering.