Phyllis Tsang

Production Coordinator (Architecture) and Associate Project Leader
EMI Uganda

Joined EMI: October 2014
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Professional Training & Experience

  • Bachelor of Architectural Science, Ryerson University, Canada, 2005
  • Master of Theological Studies, McMaster Divinity School, Canada, 2010
  • Practiced in private architecture firms, 2006-2008, 2010-2016
  • Staff Associate Architect with EMI Uganda, 2017 – Present

Prior to joining EMI, Phyllis practiced architecture for 10 years in California, Colorado, North Carolina, and Virginia. She was part of Visioneering Studios, a faith-based design-build firm serving churches and nonprofits, for eight of those ten years. She also served as a volunteer architect on seven project trips before joining EMI as a full-time staff.

Ministry Experience

Phyllis was an architectural intern at EMI US in the fall of 2005. During this time, she went on her first overseas mission trip for a community center design project in Ethiopia. Upon completing the internship, Phyllis returned to practice in the private sector. While working in Denver, she became a part-time student at Denver Seminary, but later decided to leave architecture to pursue a Master's degree in Theological Studies. During this time, however, it was made clear to her that being an architect was the best way for her to serve God and others. She returned to her former employer for another six years after completing her studies. In 2017, Phyllis resigned from her job and moved to Uganda to join EMI as an Associate Architect.


Phyllis is happily single and has the most fashionable grandma (born 1932) and the cutest niece (born 2017).