Dec 6-11, 2021

EMI is excited to partner with the community of Wales, Norton Sound Health Corporation, and Village Safe Water on a preliminary engineering report for providing piped water and sewer to Wales' residents. Wales is a Native Alaskan community in the rural, northwestern part of the state, and community members have desired a piped water and sewer system for many years now. It is EMI's hope to listen well to the members of this least-reached community and to meet their physical infrastructure challenges.

Project Scope

Our EMI team will spend 4-5 days in Wales, AK participating in community engagement activities and the evaluation of existing water treatment infrastructure. The goal of this trip is to collect information needed to start work on the preliminary design of water and wastewater infrastructure for Wales, with a focus that community members are involved in leading this effort. This project is one element of the larger Community Utility Assistance Program (CUAP) that EMI is serving alongside in the Norton Sound region of Alaska on behalf of the Helmsley Charitable Trust.

EMI commits to fulfill our work for Wales in a God-honoring and timely fashion in order that the community of Wales may be a viable candidate for additional sources of funding in 2022 for the implementation and construction of proposed water and wastewater improvements. Design will continue after the trip and into the spring of 2022.

Different staff members at EMI have had the opportunity to travel to this rural region of Alaska over the past year. When we think about communities that don't have access to clean water or sufficient sanitation, we often picture towns on the other side of the world but not in our own country. However, these recent trips have shown the challenges present in these rural areas, and this project has given EMI the opportunity to serve some of the least-reached communities within the United States.


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