The Village of Eden Campus has a vision to develop thriving and sustainable Christ-based communities among the most needy and suffering, producing disciples who follow Christ. The existing 100+ acre campus in Uganda already includes a clinic, church and housing for up to 60 orphans and the ministry seeks to plan growth to serve many more in this impoverished community. The immediate need is for a secondary school to serve 200 children. In addition, water supply, wastewater management and electrical facilities are required.

Project Scope

The EMI team will develop a full campus master plan to accommodate it's growth over the next 10 to 20 years. The Village of Eden is designed to be a self-sustaining village for orphans and vulnerable children.  The goal of our ministry is to provide Christian homes for 400 children, Christian education for 600 children, quality medical care for people of this remote area, and a church for individuals and families to grow in the likeness of Christ. 

Our team will not only create a master plan for the campus but will also develop the architectural design for the next anticipated addition - a new 200-student secondary school facility. 

Conceptual designs of water, wastewater and power systems will be engineered to meet the master planned development of the site.  And, the ministry also has an active agricultural program and seeks EMI's input on how to best incorporate Ag into their continued growth.     

Will you consider joining EMI in joining Helping Hands Foreign Missions to continue to grow their ministry to this impoverished community at the Village of Eden?


Architecture: Position filled
Civil Engineering: Position filled
Electrical Engineering: Position filled

To survey the site boundary, topography and locate major site features

Other Specialties: Agricultural Engineering

To evaluate existing agricultural programs and develop plans to integrate agriculture into the master plan

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