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Help us communicate what God is doing through the people and projects of EMI. Graphic Design is a key aspect of our efforts to communicate with EMI's volunteers, donors, and constituents, and EMI USA is seeking a Graphic Designer to volunteer weekly part-time hours at its office in downtown Colorado Springs.

This part-time, volunteer position is unpaid, and is under the direction of EMI's Editor. This graphic design position will assist EMI USA and EMI Global on multiple projects from internal-, staff-, or event-use matter to EMI publications such as the Newsletter and Inside EMI magazine. Additionally, this part-time volunteer position may be requested to consider overseas EMI team trip assignments for photography and content development. Such assignments are also unpaid, however traveling costs will be covered by EMI. Come in and lend a hand with your skills, and get to know EMI and our Colorado-based staff teams!

  • 3 years working experience in Graphic Design, minimum
  • Working knowledge of main programs within Adobe Creative Cloud, primarily InDesign
  • Basic familiarity with online task management app, Trello
  • Working knowledge / skill at photography with DSLR-type digital camera, and personal access to DSLR-type camera
  • Interest in / availability for potential 2-week overseas team travel assignments with EMI for content development

The following are essential responsibilities for the part-time volunteer Graphic Designer position:

  • Be present at EMI USA office during agreed-upon weekly part-time office hours
  • Produce graphic design drafts for various projects as directed by EMI Editor
  • Perform design & content edits as provided by EMI Editor
  • Coordinate printing / fulfillment of projects as req'd in accordance with EMI policy
  • Perform work only on EMI computer and file network in accordance with EMI policy