EMI Uganda
Nairobi, Kenya
Psalms 8:3-5
Joined EMI: 

At my final-year student exhibition I met former EMI staff architect, Sarah Dunn. Our conversation about EMI’s community-based projects resonated with me because I was seriously considering how to use the first-fruits of my education for God’s glory.

After a four-month internship, I joined EMI staff. I had never before been exposed to a work environment made up of people who sought a professional excellence which is grounded in their faith. It was and still is absolutely great!

Every day I am thankful for the lifelong friends I have made. I work with people from different parts of the world and different walks of life. They influence me and challenge me to grow. Most of all, I am grateful to God that this work builds His kingdom and is of service to my fellow Ugandans.