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designing a world of hope

Our vision is to see people restored by God and the world restored through design.


EMI Mexico exists to be part of the restoration work of Latin America, teaming up with ministries and organizations that require support services and technical assistance in the areas of design, engineering, architecture, and construction.


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Join the EMI Mexico launch team!

A medida que EMI comienza a planificar el nuevo lanzamiento de la oficina en México, estamos buscando conectar con diseñadores de la red de EMI que hablen español. ¿Podrías ser tú? Por favor contáctate hoy con hr@emiworld.orgRead in English 

As EMI begins planning a new office launch in Mexico, we are actively looking to engage Spanish-speaking design professionals in the EMI Network. Could this be you? Please get in touch with today!

About EMI Mexico

The desire to establish an organization that would assist ministries and communities with design, engineering, build services in the country had been brewing in the hearts of Mexican professionals for many years. After several participations of local professionals with EMI in various projects and more recently direct engagement with the Nicaragua office, the idea of setting up an office in Mexico began become a reality.

Preparations registration actions began to take place in the year 2021 and the office was officially registered in January 2022. Pre-existing connections with universities, ministries, local professionals and several other logistical factors in the area motivated the initial planning team to strategically locate the office in Ensenada, Mexico a town near the northwest border with the US. There is a great desire to build strong local relationships, impact the design-build sector and invest in healthy collaborations with organizations that are striving to bring forth true, sustainable change and restoration to the region.