The EMI Fund

The EMI Fund supports all that we do at EMI. With a strong foundation, we can keep designing a world of hope.
At EMI, we're driven to be good stewards of our resources and have received the highest commendations for doing so.
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Give towards EMI’s key growth initiatives: water, sanitation, and hygiene. Learn more...

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Other ways to give

Corporate Partners

Becoming a corporate partner of EMI South Africa supports the development of young professionals through our training programs and allows our clients in under-resourced communities to access affordable design services. Contact for more information on partnering with us.

EMI South Africa is a registered Non-Profit company within South Africa (NPO 174-790) that relies on donations from corporations and individuals as support of our ministry to the charity and non-profit organizations for whom we work.

Your donation will be used to directly support local design professionals and interns as they serve the most vulnerable in our communities.