Important message about the COVID-19 Coronavirus

In an effort to care for all of our personnel, families, and mission around the world, EMI has been taking a number of steps in response to the progress of COVID-19.

Location-specific Crisis Management Teams remain in place to monitor COVID developments, inform, and care for EMI personnel. Decisions about official EMI travel (including project travel) domestically and internationally are being made on a case-by-case basis by Office Directors in locations concerned. EMI’s worldwide offices remain in varying states of closure with personnel working remotely or from home.

We continue to actively monitor the situation and will respond to new information affecting our worldwide ministry and teams. We view the COVID-19 Coronavirus as an opportunity to live out the gospel and our faith in Jesus through the ministry of EMI.

Goal: USD 180,000

Give to Growing Globally

Location: EMI Uganda
Funding Needed: US$180,000

Have you ever unlocked a piece of information that changed how you did things forever? There was a moment in EMI history where we realized we could learn more about design in the local context. This dramatically changed and improved our approach to design.

Without the right information, our ministry clients couldn't get the safest structures and this was a huge concern. Children attending schools shouldn't worry that the structure may fail or doctors should be able to finish surgeries with assurance that electricity will be available.

Research & Development (R&D) has given EMI the tools we need to more effectively serve the communities we engage with. The understanding of local materials and resources has allowed us to design and build structures with stronger foundations and walls. It's allowed for a more time efficient and cost effective building process. EMI has saved clients funds through the discovering of what works best in a local context with improving the design quality of these local structures.

Banner: R&D-designed insulation retrofit of EMI Uganda office roof. Above: R&D testing of local masonry, temperature performance measurements on metal roof.

Alongside A&E and construction services, The R&D Team engages, influences, and brings long-term transformational impact to the local design and construction industry.

Currently the team is limited in their ability to do proper Research & Development due to the lack of space needed for labs, workshops, controlled experimentations, and prototype development.

As the Workshop team shifted into its new facility in 2020, the shipping-container complex it occupied was vacated. EMI’s renovation and equipment plans will allow for adaptive reuse of this shipping-container complex. R&D outfitting will include Analytical Testing and Electronics Labs, Prototyping Fabrication Workspaces, and Presentation & Meeting areas.

After being put on hold due to Covid, we're excited to move forward with our EMI Uganda R&D team on this project in 2021.

Please consider giving to Growing Globally. Together, let's provide better designs to our ministry clients through EMI's Research & Development facility.

In 2019, you gave more than US$90,000 to invest in training the future leaders of EMI! Thank you!!


Location: Worldwide
Funding Needed: $60,000

The EMI Leadership Training Program will equip future EMI leaders with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to guide EMI into challenging cross cultural environments. Along with technical skills, EMI leaders need to be trained up to envision, manage, care, and develop the team that they have been entrusted to steward.

EMI is investing in its future by investing in its leaders. Exciting times ahead!

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