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Growing Globally 2024: WASH Beyond the Walls


Civil engineering has always been a mainstay at EMI, but over the years it's become more and more confined within the walls of a site boundary.

We’ve gone deep with sustainable onsite water development, distribution, and sanitation. God has grown us up over the years to fill this role very well, but we’re hungry for more. We are ready to take the next step with civil engineering at EMI and look beyond project boundaries into the needs of communities.

We believe the Lord has raised up an incredible community of civil engineers inside EMI. We’ve spent more than 40 years learning about design in different parts of the world. We’ve grown into a tremendous worldwide network and we’ve seen God do amazing things around us as we have served.

Now, we want to look beyond the walls and move into the more traditional WASH sector. WASH is a commonly used acronym for Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene. These three aspects of development are inextricably linked and essential to human health and thriving communities. The UN Sustainable Development Goal 6 is to achieve access to WASH for all people by 2030 and EMI can help make a difference. Here’s what’s ahead for us in WASH:

  • Engaging deeply in community development as we work with local leaders
  • Pursuing highly technical problems that others might be wary to tackle
  • We will work to impact community health outcomes

Please join with us as we move EMI deeper into the WASH sector. We are hopeful about where the Lord will take us in this new adventure and we expect it will be so much more than we can imagine today.

Want the latest update? Check back into this page as we continue to update you on the progress of the WASH program this year.

In 2023, you gave over US$420,000 to invest in EMI's growth in Cambodia! Thank you!!


Location: EMI Cambodia—Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Funding Needed: US$500,000

In April 2023, we celebrated the five year anniversary of opening our Cambodia office that started with just a team of 7 people.

Today we have grown into a team of nearly 30 and with it, the impact we can provide the community and the region that surrounds us. As Cambodia becomes more developed, the need for EMI design services will only continue to increase.

In an effort to maintain a sustainable long-term presence and to meet these important design and discipleship needs, we have begun planning for purchasing land where we will design and build a space for the future of our Cambodia Team.

This space will not only be where we disciple and share Jesus with our own team but will be for other like-minded organizations to create a community focused on the spiritual and physical needs in Cambodia. Purchasing land is our most immediate need with prices rising as the city of Phnom Penh expands. By year end we hope to raise $500,000 to support this work.

Would you consider supporting us in this land purchase, the future home of EMI in Cambodia, and the permanent presence of technical services to support communities and the advancement of the Gospel?

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