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Q: How do I apply for an EMI internship?
A: Pre-Apply for an EMI Internship online. You will need to create or log-in to your EMI account to pre-apply for an EMI Internship.

Q: Where will I be living?
A: You will be living either with a Mexican host family in In Ensenada, or in a partner ministry campus located in the city. The life/cultural environment is relatively calm and relaxed with various outdoor activity options and a wide variety of amazing cuisine options spread out through the city. Ensenada has three main seasons dry-hot season, dry-cold season and a short rainy season.

Q: What is the office routine like?
A: Daily working hours are from 8:00am to 4:30pm Monday–Friday. Three days a week we start off with a devotion and the remaining two days we begin with a staff activity or simply sit, drink coffee and build staff connections. We covet relationships that foster a healthy atmosphere of community and grace also, we will seize every opportunity to cultivate atmosphere that over a cup of coffee or a plate of tacos, whether that is a one on one mentoring session or a team gathering.

EMI Mexico is a team-based, open office atmosphere where all staff collaborates to fulfill the tasks that enable us to live out our vision, mission and core values. Though expected to take part in various support roles, the intern’s primary task is to help produce drawings and support project leaders with reporting for the project(s) that they participate on. Using Excel / Word / AutoCAD / Sketch-up / Photoshop etc. Technical guidance and mentoring comes from EMI staff & volunteers that attend your project trip or manage the design work in the office.

Q: What about after office hours?
A: If an intern is living with a Mexican family, they will be encouraged to participate in the dynamic of that family’s routine, activities, and customs, church attendance, etc as they feel appropriate. Otherwise they will have the opportunity to engage in life, programs and activities that the missionary campus holds throughout the year, this will not be mandated nor expected for an intern though highly encouraged. In addition to that, whether it is swimming, hiking, surfing, bike riding, playing futbol or softball in a local league, or simply sitting and enjoying beautiful sunsets in the Pacific Ocean, interns will not have a hard time finding options for activities to enjoy locally.

Q: Do I need to speak Spanish?
A: A basic level of Spanish proficiency is desired at minimum. Our desire is to have an office that can function in both Spanish and English, although locals are encouraged to practice English as much as possible, the transcultural experience is highly enhanced if/when the expat staff or intern is able and willing to also engage in conversations through the local language. In short, the more Spanish is spoken and practiced during an internship the better experience that intern will have.

Q: Can I have visitors?
A: Yes. In fact, we highly recommend it. However, project trips, publishing deadlines, and other events are scheduled well before your internship starts. The flexibility in visitor timing may be limited or visitors may need to come during your holiday period. Giving advance notice of possible visitors works best. Having someone from home or a good friend visit will deepen your relationship and also build understanding about what you are experiencing.

Q: Can I drive my car down to Ensenada?
A: Yes, in fact having a car can be very useful especially if you want to travel in country, experience the mountains, tour the wine country region drive through the desert flanked roads south of Ensenada or visit the numerous beaches in neighboring towns. Just make sure you have the proper paperwork, license and insurance documentation in order.

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