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Late Jan to Early Feb 2020

It is EMI’s privileged honor to partner with Cornerstone Ministries International (CMI) on their new training center campus. The Kangwha Training Center is a vision in the making - one that will reach hearts, minds and souls for the future opening of its sister nation. The development of this campus will include repurposing an existing school structure: classrooms, dorms, kitchen/dining, and a worship/prayer area. Plus, the team will evaluate other master-planning and infrastructure needs on this existing site. EMI is looking for a full service design team including architecture, civil, master-planning, structural, surveyor, and agricultural consulting. The entire focus will be on training, equipping, and worship, with an “all-in approach” for opened borders.

Project Scope

Kangwha Training Center

Odds are you have never heard of the “Korean Pentecost” – the powerful working of the Spirit of God in Korea in 1907 which swept across Korea and into the rest of East Asia. In fact, the capital had so many Christians that it was called the ‘Jerusalem of the East.’ Fast forward to present day when according to Open Doors, it is ranked as the hardest place to live in as a Christian. Christians face extreme levels of pressure and violence in all areas of life, even just owning a Bible is illegal. Many Christians live as secret believers, part of the underground church.

Cornerstone Ministries International and Korean Reconciliation Initiative & Network (CMI / KRIN) have invited EMI to partner with them to help develop a Master Plan on land they have in the northern part of South Korea. CMI has a vision to mobilize the Korean church to restore the Kingdom of God, similar to the Jerusalem movement over 100 years ago. KRIN is a global network of believers that are seeking ways to serve Korea today. They are also strategically preparing for the future re-opening of borders. That strategic preparation will be the focus of this campus.

CMI / KRIN has a vision for a ministry / training center that will accommodate multiple facilities when completed. The site has a vacant two-story school building that will need to be repurposed into the flagship for this new campus. This repurposed school will include housing for families and places for students to spend extended time in prayer / training. The building will also need to facilitate classrooms, a library, and kitchen and dining. The school also needs a second exit stair-tower and the ministry would like a tower on the opposite end that would support a larger cross. The team will also design a prayer facility, taking advantage of the site's commanding view to the north.

Some construction has already been started on the site, and the team will need to evaluate existing retaining walls that are failing and propose a solution. The site also has other structures that will need to be assessed and reused for the larger campus master plan. To support the campus, there will be parking, a greenhouse, and green space for recreation. We are hoping for a strong volunteer base from South Korea. 

This project will be led by the US office. Would you prayerfully consider joining our team?

— Rex Barber, EMI USA trip leader


Architecture: Position filled
Civil Engineering: Position filled
Electrical Engineering: Position filled
Structural Engineering: Position filled
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