Birthplace: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Profession: Project Leader / Intern Director (Canada office)
Joined EMI: December 2011
Verse: 1 John 3:18
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Our Story

For a long time growing up, Braden had a feeling that he was called to a different kind of career. He didn’t know what exactly that meant, but he knew he wouldn’t end up in a “typical” job situation. However, after working his way through a Geomatics Engineering degree in university and entering the workforce, he began to wonder what exactly God had in mind. It was at that point that Braden had lunch with an EMI staff member that attended his church. A mere four weeks later, he was on a plane headed for his first EMI project to design a children’s home in Haiti. God used this trip to show Braden that he could use his education and his passion for serving God and others in an incredible and unique way through EMI. Braden began working part-time at the EMI Canada office in the spring of 2013 and eventually joined staff full-time in 2015. He is responsible for directing the Canada office’s intern program, leading project trips, assisting with project development and producing EMI video content. As Braden’s role with EMI has grown, so has his family as he and his wife Liz have had two children – Asher and Maverick – since joining EMI. Braden still has the same God-given passion for serving as he did when he first learned about EMI, but his passion to invite others to participate in spreading God’s kingdom has only grown. Each year, EMI’s people complete over 80 development projects which serve the poor and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To keep these design services affordable for Christian ministries, professionals like Braden on EMI’s staff are responsible for raising their own salaries. We are so grateful for God’s provision through the generosity of donors. Would you prayerfully consider partnering with the great things God is doing through Braden's ministry at EMI?