We warmly invite you to the conference on the 8th/9th March 2019!
• Network with design professionals from a variety of fields
• Become informed by first-hand accounts from EMI staff and partners
• Be inspired to use your talents to work on transformational projects

We will connect with one another and be inspired, as we grow our collective vision for “designing a world of hope.”

Our team of presenters includes EMI staff and an EMI Network members. They will teach and share from their own field experience, learning, and perspective. 

This will be the third gathering of the EMI Network in India. In March 2017 we launched the EMI Network with an event in Bangalore. In June 2018 we gathered in Delhi and focussed on DR/DRR perspectives.

Conference Theme

One of EMIs Core Values is Design: EMI works within the local context to design and construct culturally-appropriate facilities that are sustainable, affordable, and transformational. At this years conference we will raise the question:

What makes our projects transformational? We will share examples and also invite you to contribute your ideas during interactive seminars.

What are the conference fees?

Friday 8th Dinner: 250 INR

Saturday 9th Conference: 700 INR (for professionals) or 300 INR (for students), payable upon entry. The fees include entry to the conference as well as lunch. Refreshments including snacks, tea and coffee will also be provided.

Connect with us in Chennai!

We look forward to welcoming you at the conference on the 8th and 9th March! Please register online using the 'Register Now' link above. If you would like to ask any questions, please send a mail to: info.india@emiworld.org.


Cluster Groups on Saturday afternoon, allow a choice between particular disciplines/topics.

Friday 8th March, 2019

19:00 Informal Meet and Greet EMI Staff, Followed by Dinner


EMI Introduction and Video Screening

Saturday 9th March, 2019

9:00 Registration
9:30 Welcome + Introductions
10:00 Devotional
10:30 EMI Story: People and Projects [Andy Kizzee: EMI India Director]
11:30 Tea Break + Icebreaker
12:00 Client Perspective [Nikhil Ratnam: Quidditas Goat Farm Founder]
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Team Challenge

Training Seminars

1: Healthcare Architecture [Israel Gnanaraj: Design Collaborative]

2: Post Earthquake Structural Assessment [Andy Kizzee: EMI India Director]

15:45 Tea Break

Training Seminars

3: Transformational Buildings [EMI Network Members]

4: Water Sensitive Urban Design [David Burgess: EMI India Civil Engineer]

17:00 Seminar Feedback and What Next?
17:30 Closing