Important message about the COVID-19 Coronavirus

In an effort to care for all of our personnel, families, and mission around the world, EMI has been taking a number of steps in response to the progress of COVID-19.

Location-specific Crisis Management Teams are now in place to monitor COVID developments, inform, and care for EMI personnel. All official EMI travel (including project travel) has been cancelled or postponed and no new travel plans are being prepared until further notice. EMI’s worldwide offices are in varying states of closure with personnel working remotely or from home as they are able.

We continue to actively monitor the situation and will respond to new information affecting our worldwide ministry and teams. We view the COVID-19 Coronavirus an opportunity to live out the gospel and our faith in Jesus through the ministry of EMI.

Where: EMI Colorado Springs, CO
When: The fun begins Friday June 21st, 2019 at 5 pm
What: Climb America's Mountain

Join the Climb!

You can help your climber reach the summit of Pikes Peak and help EMI reach new heights. Thanks for being a part of the team!

Support Climb4HOPE - Support a Climber


Colorado boasts of 53 summits over 14,000 ft and Pikes Peak towers over the Colorado Springs skyline. This year EMI will send four fundraising teams to climb Pikes Peak in an effort to bring hope around the world. Join a team today!

Get a view of EMI from the mountain top! 

Each climber partners with EMI to help raise funds for this year's Growing Globally initiatives. These important initiatives will make impact as they expand our reach in three important parts of the world. 

We're excited to host a weekend event culminating with a view of EMI from the mountan top!

Friday June 21st, 2019

Meet and greet at the EMI office. Come meet the EMI staff, check out the office, and start carbo loading for Saturday's climb - We'll share any necessary details (like the weather report) in our preclimb meeting. EMI will be brimming over with excitement and inspiration.

Saturday (AM) June 22nd, 2019 

The climb is on. The four teams will split up to climb different aspects of Pikes Peak Saturday morning.

The Barr Trail
This is the longest and most traditional climb of Pikes Peak. The twelve mile trail (one-way) follows the renowned Pikes Peak Ascent & Marathon Route from Manitou Springs. Climbers will travel through Barr Camp, past the A Frame at tree line, and up the famed Golden Stairs to the finish. You can find a very detailed route discription here. [Distance: 24mi, Elevation Gain: 7,200 ft]

The Crags Route
Starting from the backside of Pikes Peak, The Crags Route knocks five miles off the total distance to the summit (7 mile one-way). Climbers start by crossing Fourmile Creek and make their way up the switchbacks to tree line where The Crags Route offers fantastic views of the collegiate peaks on the western horizon. The trail meets the Pikes Peak Highway at Devils Playground and chases it up to the summit. [Distance: 14 mi, Elevation Gain: 4,300 ft]

The Devils Playground Route
The Devils Playground Route begins at the confluence of the Pikes Peak Highway and The Crags Route. Climbers take advantage of the Highway to get a jumpstart on the climb and finish up the final three miles to the summit. This route crosses through high mountain meadows and offers fantastic views of the Pikes Peak region. [Distance: 6mi, Elevation Gain: 1,160 ft]

The Pikes Peak Highway
With the introduction of The Highway in 1915, Pikes Peak truly has something for everyone. Enjoy breathtaking views along the 19 mile cruise in a vehicle up to the summit while the "suckers" use their legs. 

Regardless of the route you choose, EMI USA + Global staff will accompany each of the teams in thier journey to the summit. Oh, don't forget, Pikes Peak has a "summit house" with fresh hot chocolate, coffee, and doughnuts for anyone willing to make the journey.

Saturday (PM) June 22nd, 2019

After a hot shower and a rest, all the climbers will reassemble for a closing grill out and party at EMI CEO John Dallmann's house. He will share his excitment for all that God is doing around the world through EMI. He will truly provide a mountain top view of EMI. We're looking forward to having you here. 

You can serve EMI and help expand our vision to see "people restored by God and the world restored through design." Our goal is to raise $40,000 to bring restoration and hope to least reached places around the world. You can be a part of the team by climbing and fundraising for EMI.


$1,000 minimum per climber with...$250 in incentives* for every $500 raised over the minimum.


Each climber will be expected to get themselves to Colorado Springs, provide for their hotel, and take care of any meals along the way. We're happy to host each climber for events on both Friday and Saturday nights.

*Incentives are funds that a climber can use toward the costs of the trip. It might help to cover travel or hotel costs.*

Barr Trail


The Crags Route


The Pikes Peak Highway