"More Than Just a Broken Pipe"


Our next event in our Tech series is back in London!

This evening event will be focussing on a water project that an engineer on our UK Staff Team recently returned from in Zambia. This is not just for engineers, but for anyone interested in international development, global missions or hearing about EMI's work. 

The project started with a vast piping network that wasn't working... and led into a complex project that permeated into social culture, political/social powers, community development, economy, agriculture and education. It's about how - as EMI designers called to "see people restored by God and the world restored through design" - we navigate the complex problems that seem to "just be a broken pipe". These problems don't always have simple solutions.

Come join the EMI UK Team for a few nibbles and discussion about what it means to combined your faith and work into the complexities of missions, international development and our every day lives. We are neither just designers nor just Christians, but we are as complex as the projects put before us. 


Drinks & Nibbles - 5:30pm

Presentation - 6:00pm

Estimated Finish - 6:45pm 

Stay and chat until 7:30pm