The drive to curb climate change and remove carbon from the atmosphere to levels where society is making a “net zero” contribution to CO2 levels is vital for humanity to secure its future on this planet. This ambition to achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 to tackle climate change requires a global effort. The Global South is likely to be disproportionally affected and has an important role to play in realizing this target. These countries will bear the brunt of the socio-environmental impacts of climate change, while simultaneously seeking ways to increase their level of economic development and the well-being of their citizens. Therefore, Global South-led research and innovation must be positioned to tackle the local environmental, as well as economic, challenges that these communities will face in the future.

This evening talk by EMI UK trustee and Imperial College London research fellow Dr Onesmus Mwabonje will focus on the challenges facing these countries in this urgent race of transitioning towards net-zero. 

The event will be held in Blackfriars, London and live-streamed online on Tuesday 28th March 2023. Arrive 6pm for a 6:30pm start for a drinks reception as you network with other professionals in the EMI network and beyond!