EMI Mexico was born in January 2022 and has already completed over 20 projects to date!
In advance of our Meet the Office event later this month, EMI UK caught up with Mexican architect Isaac Padilla to find out more.


What were you doing before you joined EMI Mexico?
I worked as a freelance architect, running my own small design-construction company. The EMI Mexico team at work

Tell us some of the highlights and challenges of the last 24 months. 

  • Supporting local ministries and serving them through technical assistance in my home country, that's amazing! 
  • Developing and running a remote volunteer program to allow architects and engineers to serve with us remotely, meeting them, sharing with them, praying with them has been a blessing to me.


  • Getting out of my comfort zone at work as a CM and exploring different professional areas to learn, grow and teach has been a challenge for me.
  • Co-Leading a project trip with a bilingual team was a challenge for me because at that point I was just learning English.Working in interdisciplinary and international teams through EMI strengthens the output for ministry clients.

How have you seen God at work through EMI Mexico?
I have seen God's work when our ministry partners have confidence and trust in us to walk with them in every stage of the project. Additionally, I have seen God's grace in providing me with a supportive team in the office to accompany me and my family through difficult times.Isaac with his wife Gloria and children Caleb and Samara

What are you looking forward to over the next year?
I hope to visit the Uganda office to meet the team, share about our work and take their experience and advice to improve here at EMI Mexico. I would like to know how they are executing the R&D program.   

Join our webinar on Tuesday 22nd February to hear from the team, ask your questions and pray for their work over the next year.