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This opportunity is a hybrid, part-support-based and part-stipend-based position.
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EMI’s Global Office exists to set direction, empower, guide, and protect EMI’s offices, activities, and personnel worldwide.

The purpose of this position is to carry out the ministry of EMI and the restoration of all people to Jesus Christ through ensuring safe and secure practices for EMI personnel and supporting general risk mitigation activities and crisis management that enable the organization and its people to maintain resilience. This position will be part of the Global HR team and assist with other HR projects as needed.

It is preferred that this position be full-time (40 hr/wk) but a part-time position may be possible (20+ hr/wk). This position includes a small centrally-funded stipend. Additional funding may be possible through support raising.

This position is open to all nationalities. The role will ideally be located in EMI Global’s office in Colorado Springs, USA, but other locations may be considered.


In addition to the typical EMI Staff prerequisites, candidates for this position must have:

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience 
  • 5+ years professional work experience and/or missions work experience 
  • International living experience (outside of home country) preferred but not required
  • Practical work experience in security and risk management is helpful but not required

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Understanding of EMI including goals, values, services and organization is preferred but not required
  • Excellent organization and attention to details with strong project management skills
  • Interpersonal skills including written and verbal communication, collaboration and diplomacy
  • Able to respond to intense and emotionally-charged incidences with composed and measured responses, as well as handle private and sensitive data appropriately and discreetly
  • Able to work effectively and respectfully in cross-cultural situations
  • Research skills and analytical skills in evaluating data
  • Computer, data entry, and MS Office skills
  • Proficiency in English

The following are essential responsibilities for this position:

Spiritual and professional discipleship through EMI’s programmes and opportunities

Personnel Safety, Security, and Risk Management

  • Oversee the development and effective use of policies, practices, trainings, and tools that address safety and security at the workplace, during EMI travel, for personnel relocated by EMI, and in high risk situations.
  • Support EMI offices in conducting periodic risk assessments, mitigation responses, and contingency plans.
  • Support office crisis management teams (CMTs) in times of crisis, including ensuring proper training and preparedness, support of CMTs during crisis, and liaise between CMTs and EMI Global executive leadership when needed.
  • Be a primary leader in knowledge, guidance, and tools for general practices and protocols related to crisis management and business continuity practices.

Operational Risk Monitoring Support

  • For organizational/operational risk profiles that do not relate directly to personnel safety and security (e.g. financial security, professional liability, data security, etc.), maintain a basic high level awareness of organization operational risk profiles and mitigation activities and advise on these measures when appropriate.
  • Support Global leadership in the monitoring of and responses to organizational/operational risk, including mitigation and contingency planning as able.

Safeguarding and Anti-Harassment Support

  • Improve safeguarding and anti-harassment policies and procedures at EMI worldwide and collaborate with offices to ensure implementation.
  • Select, assemble, and implement adequate worldwide training for safeguarding and anti-harassment.

Global HR Support

  • Care for the personnel of EMI worldwide and their work of the mission of EMI through participating in Global HR management and projects, as assigned.