Project Portfolio

NCAI Upper Basketball Court

EMI Nicaragua prepared a structural calculations report and a plan set for construction of a steel roof to cover the upper basketball courts to allow for use throughout the year.

The structural system consists of steel columns and employs steel truss moment frames in each direction, with fixed connections between the column and foundation pedestal. On the east side of the building, non-structural steel framing and chain link fence is incorporated to provide a support structure for black fabric. This serves as a rain barrier to help keep the court area dry, as well as provide a sun block.

NCAI is a Christian School in Managua with approximately 250 students on campus. The upper basketball courts are used by students in the middle school and senior school as part of their PE lessons as well as extra-curricular classes. The basketball courts are also transformed into volleyball courts which allows variety to the students’ experiences. The courts are used as a community facility as Pickleball courts out of school hours.

Students waiting for a game to begin.