Project Portfolio

The Amazima Pre - Primary School

Amazima Ministries International (AMI) envisioned a Primary School program as the first set integrating discipleship and education within underserved communities around Jinja. Amazima identified that this integration can happen as early as a pre-primary school to prepare young children for the Amazima primary school culture.

EMI Uganda provided site planning, architecture, engineering, and construction management of a classroom block with sufficient storage and an appropriate hybrid of washroom and latrine facilities. The classroom has large sliding bamboo screen doors that open up the classroom interiors to the landscaped outdoors. EMI implemented this approach to blur the boundaries between learning and play with the intention to spur young children’s interest in school.  

Top: A large roof cover and trellis provide protection to the large classroom openings from weather elements.
Right: The washroom-latrine hybrid facility is stepped to accommodate universal access.