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Bongolo Hospital Emergency Room

The Emergency Room was the first in a series of buildings at Bongolo Hospital to be constructed as part of the master plan initially developed by EMI in 2010. The goal of this master plan was to create a unified central courtyard on Bongolo Hospital’s Campus to improve patient flow. The Emergency Room was the first building which began to define and frame the central courtyard. It is located centrally on campus and near the main entrance, arranged in such a manner that it is one of the first buildings seen when entering the campus by vehicle.

The design of the Emergency Room allows for efficient and effective care in the event of an emergency. A covered drop-off allows access for an ambulance to directly deliver patients to the front door. Once inside, the space is arranged around a central nurse station ringed by seven private patient bays. The space also includes an on-call suite for 24-hour care and a doctor’s office. The strategic location on campus allows the Emergency Room to be conveniently located for ambulance access as well as in close proximity to General Medicine, which shares staffing resources.

Original concept render of the Emergency Room by EMI USA.