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Bongolo Hospital Covered Waiting Area

Deep in the rainforest of Gabon, Bongolo Hospital serves over 40,000 patients a year and is the major healthcare provider for a large portion of the southern region of Gabon. In order to effectively serve their patients and intentionally share the gospel with each visitor, the hospital needed an architecturally significant centerpiece for their campus. The EMI-designed Covered Waiting Area was constructed to meet this purpose.  

The covered area is the center of the campus operations and patient services. The raised floor level and long overhangs keep out driving rain while still allowing natural light and breezes, creating a pleasant waiting experience for waiting patients.  This is every patient’s first destination when arriving at the hospital and their last stop after their visit. It serves as a place for warm welcome, prayer, encouragement, and guidance from the chaplain. The Covered Waiting Area accommodates about 200 people with bench seating and has a view toward the rest of campus, providing directional access to the other clinics and buildings on campus.

Original concept render of the waiting area by EMI USA.