Project Portfolio

Micro-Grid Power System

EMI designed a micro-grid power sytem for KIUMA's 300-acre ministry campus in rural Tanzania. The micro-grid addresses the energy problems faced by the over 2000 daily users at the site, minimizing the use of costly diesel fuel. With solar panels by Canadian Solar, TESLA batteries and power control, mainline utility power input, 460 KVA of backup diesel power generation, and all-new internal electrical distribution for the site, KIUMA has a sustainable power plant for its ministry far into the future. 

From the initial project trip in 2016, EMI's work with KIUMA continued through contractor selection and design approval to installation of the micro-grid and the training of electricans and maintenance staff on system operation in late 2019. During the first 5 months of operation, 59 MWH of clean solar power was generated for KIUMA by the micro-grid.

KIUMA's micro-grid power system will keep the lights on at the hospital and many other facilities on the site.