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Moravian Institute Girl's Dormitory

The Moravian Institute is a hostel and education facility for under-privileged children from varying backgrounds. It was established in 1963 and since that time has developed into a highly competitive institution among the other prestigious education institutions in Dehradun. As it grew, The Institute saw the need for a new expansion design.

The Student Dormitory is designed to house 40-60 students of mixed age and class in five dorm rooms per floor. A common room with kitchen and laundry facility is designed into both floors at the corner. The ground floor accommodates the Dormitory Warden, while the first floor can accommodate a Dorm Parent with family or two single caregivers. The Common Rooms are each designed to accommodate all the children from both floors as required for an all-dormitory meeting, but can also be configured for a study hall, per-floor, as required. Natural lighting and ventilation are widely recognized as a necessity to promote the best standard of education and living. For this reason, each living space in the Student Dormitory is designed to have windows on at least two sides to maximize the quality of light and allow for natural ventilation.

When the girls moved into their new home, the boys on the Moravian campus became jealous. They are waiting for the Boy's Dorm to be built.