Project Portfolio

NICO School, Ambala

The North India Community Outreach (NICO) was founded to equip local leaders through leadership training conferences, supporting full time workers, children’s outreach programs, homes for children, and sponsorship for the needy.  EMI's connection to NICO dates back to 2004, when EMI was invited to design their ministry base in Shimla which includes training facilities for 150 people. As NICO continues to train more leaders there was a need for a second location to operate the training program from. In the beginning of 2012, NICO purchased a property in rural Haryana, with a vision to develop the property as a Training Centre, a school & vocational training facility to reach out to the local community.

The first phase of the project was the Day School and the Vocational Training Centre. Since the Day School has the public function of serving the community and children from the village will come every day, it is located right next to the road to give easy access and an obvious presence. Since the vocational training has similar function as the Day School to serve the public, it is located within the Day School building.