Project Portfolio

Rest and Retreat Centre

Over the last 20 years, the commitment to care & serve the Indian Christian worker has yielded great fruit. MUT’s largest effort, the Rest & Retreat Center in ODC, has been steadily developing since 2005, making an impact on those who visit for rest or training. As the demand for MUT care grows, there is a need to increase the campus capacity and construct dedicated training spaces. A phased master plan was designed for the Rest and Retreat Centre by EMI. The master plan is segregated into spaces based on privacy levels for guest residences, caregiver housing, spaces for training and public amenities, and retiree housing.

The Multi-Purpose Hall was the first building designed to meet the immediate, non-residential needs, with spaces for visitors and residents to take their meals. In addition, the building also functions as a Training Hall until future Training Halls are designed and constructed. 

The Resource Centre building has two main functions. Firstly, it provides space for entertainment (TV room) and waiting/ meeting space for guests who come and visit residents on campus. Secondly, the library provides space for general reading as well as study space for people coming for research.