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Bethany Children's Home

Bethany Children’s Home (BCH) began in 1995 to serve the widows and orphans of India, Nepal and Bhutan. The connection of EMI and BCH was made through a friend of many years who was also connected to numerous ministries in the region. 

The site had two existing buildings and a temorary structure. The design was to construct the new dormitory building in the same location as the temporary bamboo structure. The building was designed in phases, the first phase being the 2 level dormitory space for boys and girls. In the second phase, a multipurpose hall will be added. 

The town of Jaigaon is located in a high damage risk zone for earthquake and wind hazards. The new building was designed to be physically separate from the existing buildings due to structural considerations. The structure was constructed using a reinforced concrete frame system with infill walls of brick and flat concrete roofs.