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Place of Rescue Transition House

Place of Rescue is a non-governmental organization that was established just outside Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 2003 under Marie Ens’ vision of a safe haven for terminal AIDS patients and their families. Separated from the pollution and commotion of the city, this peaceful village allowed to Marie to provides intimate spiritual, physical, and emotional care for the afflicted families.

EMI and Place of Rescue had discussions over four years concerning the evolving facility requirement for Place of Rescue. Some of these involved planning for the future of the children once they graduate from high school and leave the orphanage for further education or vocational training. Marie wanted to give her children an opportunity to further their education to assist in their transition to independence, so Place of Rescue purchased property in Phnom Penh to build a Transition House for students attending college or vocational school. The EMI team was responsible for designing this building on a 23mX18m gated plot of land.