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Garden Home Orphan's Hope

Garden Home Orphanage in Myanmar is part of Orphan’s Hope ministry. Despite the recent political turmoil in Myanmar, Orphan’s Hope extends their compassionate hand to the unfortunate orphans in that country. The Myanmar government discourages most foreign assistance. The Burmese government has closed down many orphanages in the Hlegu area due to poor conditions and forced children to be sent away. Among the 17 orphanages in the Hlegu area, only 4 remains open. The Garden Home Orphanage was among one of them and was praised by the government as an exemplar. The Garden Home orphanage is dedicated to double orphans who have no place to go.

An EMI team visited the ministry in Myanmar in October 2009 to survey and investigate the site, evaluate the needs of the ministry, and to propose a master-plan to expand the campus. In the conclusion of EMI’s report a geo-technical evaluation, a design rationale for the overall site master plan and the agricultural zoning plan, a section on sustainable agriculture development, and the design rationale (architectural, structural, electrical) for the orphan houses, the education building, a multi-purpose building and a remodeled kitchen/dining hall were provided.

For more information visit Orphan's Hope.