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El-Shaddai Baptist Church/Ministry Centre

EMAS Canada is a Christian, interdenominational, charitable, non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Canada and in Hong Kong.  For 60 years, EMAS has been assisting with healthcare initiatives overseas, initially by sending medical supplies and equipment to church-related healthcare centers. Over time, this evolved to include sending healthcare professionals, for both education of national professionals and hands-on treatment of patients and surgery.  In 2002, EMAS decided to extend its support to Bon Repos, Haiti by partnering with Pasteur St. Hilaire of the El-Shaddai Baptist Church. EMAS has continued to give support to the El-Shaddai community after St. Hilaire’s tragic death in 2008 and the earthquake in 2010 that destroyed the church and school building.  EMAS successfully raised funds so the El-Shaddai community could build a smaller temporary church building that was constructed in the same place as the previous church.

An EMI team visited the El-Shaddai site in May 2010 and met with the church elders and Dr. Plourde to investigate the site and discuss master plan options. With the final report EMI provided an overview of the design requirements for the Ministry Centre, the design opportunities and constraints of the property, and the proposed design for the Site Master Plan, Church, School, and Community Health Clinic.

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