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SIM Galmi Hospital Phase Two

Located on the edge of the Sahara desert, SIM’s Galmi Hospital has been providing compassionate medical care in Jesus' name for over 50 years. As Galmi's medical, training, and discipleship ministries have grown, the space has become cramped while the sand, heat, and desert sun have left the original constructed buildings deteriorating and even structurally unsafe in some areas.

EMI sent a team to Galmi in October 2007, and as that first phase of proposed renovations was nearing completion a second team was needed for a phase two. The second EMI team visited the Galmi Hospital in February of 2011 to evaluate the best course of action for continuing renovations and expansions to the facility. After consultation with the Administrator and the head the Obstetrics Ward and given the constraints of redevelopment, the EMI team re-looked at the previous overall Master Plan and, proposed a revised plan, a new set of Phasing Plans, and design drawings for the new Obstetrics Ward and eastern adjacent Toilet Block.

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